Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow and ice

The family is here, and it is great to have them! They get along great with the cat and don't seem to mind that I've dragged them to every yarn shop around. I've got my mom knitting wish for her crochet needles, and my dad enjoying his reading time.

We had a great time at my sister's and took the folks to a drag show brunch on Sunday. Fabulous!! And hilarious. I am making mom a new pair of mittens because I made the first ones in wool and didn't realize that she was allergic. Looking back, I should have figured that out before hand. Ah well, now she is getting the pattern she wants, in the colorway she wants all made from llama and silk. I have no doubt that these gloves/mittens will be with her for years to come. Now if I can only get dad to wear his hat....

We drove home in ice tonight from a play and are hoping for snow by morning. It is a definet possibility. We are crossin our fingers and keeping the draps open so we can see when it snows. Can't wait. So long as we don't drive any long distances tomorrow, it is going to be beautiful either way, ice or snow.

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