Thursday, December 23, 2010

LB Flagship store in NYC!


As you can see from the photo posted, I could not be so close to the Lion Brand Flagship store and not stop in! The farthest tip of Long Island is much closer than Virginia after all. And I did buy some yarns that are only carried in the store or online. But I really needed to "pet" the yarn to truly see if it was what I wanted.

Okay, so I had already completely made up my mind. What I did discover was some yarn that would be perfect for this throw blanket that I've been wanting to make, Umaro by Brooklyn Tweed. That I will order once I have a few more projects cleared off my plate. After all, the KAL sweater is coming up and I should really be focusing on that for now. (yeah, right!)

Somehow, I will manage to to at least partially clear my plate. One project was in the queue for 2 years and then in the projects hibernating for 6 months I hadn't even really cast it on, I just wound the yarn into cakes (balls, or what ever else you want to call it). But cast-on I finally did. And I will need to get one more skein of the yarn to complete it. One very expensive, special order hank of yarn. But it will be beautiful when done. Oh yeah, it looks like the colorway is discontinued.

Now, the boyfriend accompanied me on this trip to NYC. And I want this clearly stated on the record. I was finished and purchased and ready to move on to the next wonder BEFORE he was ready to leave the yarn store!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Singular moments in history, at least during my life.

I remember it, not very well, but I do. I remember my father getting me up out of bed and herding my sister and I outside in the middle of the night. Was the house on fire? Did the carbon monoxide alarm go off? Were secret assassin ninjas attacking to steal my father's schematics for some new invention?

Nope. Haley's comet was making it's appearance, as it does about every 75 years. It was the best night to see it with the naked eye. from my sleepy state, I recall my father explaining about the tails, the visibility, and how we may have a chance to see it again in our lifetime, but that most people wouldn't. He patiently expalined all of the what's, hows and whos about Haley's comet to a half-awake 9 year old. But I did listen, and some things stuck.

In my 9-year-old brain, I didn't truly grasp the significance of the event. But since then, I have. And I am glad that my father had me standing outside in February freezing my back-side off looking at a celestial ball of ice making it's way through the night sky.

Which is why, last night, I got myself out of bed and went to stand outside in my pj's, freezing my back-side off, to look up into the sky to see a Lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. At 3am. Something that I will most likely never see again.

Yes, it didn't look any different from most lunar eclipses, but it was significant. It is a moment in history that won't come again for many years. When things line up in a combination that create a beautiful and peaceful moment. The point is, I saw it. A singular moment in history that will never EXACTLY be repeated. And once again, it was cold out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Making a list and checking... O! A squirrel!!

Lists. There is so much to be done for the holidays and the time grows ever nearer. Presents still need wrapping, but only some. Rooms still need cleaning, but only a bit. Laundry still needs folding, but really just put away. Little stuff. I have plenty of time until the ARRIVAL on Friday.

Really, I know I have clean sheets, I just need to put them on the bed. So much time, I think I'll sit and knit a spell. Just a bit.

I have my list, I know what I have to do tomorrow.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Stress

Everyone knows the holidays are stressful. But for knitters, the holidays have a different level of stress. A more intense level.

We still have to get the house ready for the season, but this most likely includes moving and relocating stashes. I've been told that is is rude to leave pillowcases filled with yarn on the guest bed instead of actual pillows when guests are coming. We must make room for a tree, or clear off space for a menorah, thus displacing yarn and roving.

In my case, I live with only a cat, so she doesn't nag me about the fact that I use the main couch to line up current projects. It keeps them in easy reach. I don't have to move far from my nest. But guests and family are coming, and the nest itself must get cleaned and organized. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a filthy, disgusting mess. It is a nest. Where in my spot (the seat that I spend my time while home), I have arm-reach access to various projects, skeins of yarn, roving, spinning wheel, needles, pattern books, accessories and so on and so forth.

So my little comfy corner must also be picked up aside from the regular holiday cleaning. All of this coming to a deadline. Buying and wrapping presents, making cookies and fudge, sing with glee and peace while not killing relatives....And lets not forget the most INTENSE part of the knitting holiday layer: knitted gifts.

Yup, we have all the stress as regular people, but we also have the added stress of knitting gifts. Don't do it you say? This year I wasn't planning too. I have enough on my plate. And then I started getting requests. Little Timmy wants a funky hat again this year. Sally really wants a scarf. Bob saw this hat that Johnny Depp was wearing and had to have it. Cousin Marget saw the Harry Potter movie and wants the same sweater that Hermione wears in it.

All to be done in 2 weeks along with everything else. No one realizing the about of time that it takes to make these things. I Made presents once for everyone. I started in July and barely made the deadline. Yet, well meaning friends and family think that I can whip out a sweater in a weekend. Honey, I'm not that good. Really. I just ripped out the same sock 3 times, should do it again, but have successfully reached the screw it phase. What to do with the requests? I've tried the teach them how to do it method on some. It really doesn't deter them from asking. I haven't got an answer. I'm too stressed out to think about it.

If someone comes up with a solution, please let me know.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tonight's News

The headlines for the news tonight in my small town:

County board gets sung to by local schools.

Workers have fixed the Berryville stoplight

Bed, Bath & beyond to Open

Not kidding, these are the headlines. While not as titillating as national headlines, they aren't nearly as depressing either. In fact, I would much rather have these than ones of murder and mayhem. But if you want a little action:

Flyaway blow-up snowman bounces off my windshield causing no damage to either car, driver, or Mr Frosty.

Cat discovers that front claws are needed to really climb a Christmas tree. Fortunately, she almost landed on all four paws.

Knitter sits on afghan concealing DPNs. While the knitter's rear padding prevented injury, all concerned were most great full that the favorite sock needles survived the attack intact