Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Snake, a Sock, a Mailbox and a Flip-Flop

Everyone has a special talent. I have one friend who can recycle anything, one who can turn garbage into art, one who makes everyone feel thought of, one who can make you giggle, and one who can organize the next Super Bowl with out breaking a sweat.

My special talent? I can turn every-day, ordinary tasks into a comedic sequence that screen writers couldn't dream up. Really.

Today for example: I slipped on work flip-flops, put on my new hat, grabbed my iPod and a sock that I'm knitting and went to get the mail.

You see, I need to practice walking and knitting at the same time for the upcoming charity walk that I am participating in. I thought a walk to the mailbox would be good practice. So I walked along the gravel drive at work to the mailbox, enjoying the day, listening to my ipod and knitting my sock. Blissfully unaware of the upcoming danger.

I reach the mailbox, and with one hand holding my knitting, use my free hand to open the door to get the mail.

Well, I really can't blame the snake as he was just trying to enjoy the sun before the storms rolled in, and looking for a place to shelter down when they would come. I can't blame the mailman for not shutting the mailbox all the way tight as it is a new mailbox and he is still getting used to having a door on it at all. And I certainly can't blame the other inanimate objects involved as the flip-flop did not intentionally jump off my foot, the sock did not intentionally mean to unravel, tangling around me.

But there I was by the side of the road, startled out of one shoe, forgetting I had knitting in my hand, hopping on one foot, scooping up the dropped shoe while keeping shoeless foot(and leg) in the air, wrapped up in yarn due to some bizarre pirouette that got the yarn hooked onto the mailbox and me, trying to keep my hat on, taking the loose flip-flop and banging the hell out of the side of the mailbox while trying not to fall over in an attempt to scare a pathetic little garden snake all the way out of the mailbox and away. All the while cars are passing watching my "snake dance". Time span: less that 1 minute.

You know that snake took one look at the crazy lady and "ran" for it.