Friday, March 25, 2011

The Weekend Awaits

Ah, Friday. One of the great days of the week. If done well, it is the closing of all the week's activities, the completion of work for some of us. For Friday brings in the joy of time to be spent living. Closing out the work week and leaving it behind, no stress or homework to take home.

Friday is the great exhalation of the week. Letting it all go. For this is the day that the animal chained to a desk, changes and becomes the person that people like. You remember to laugh. That frustration is pointless and stress accomplishes nothing. Hope for a enjoyable weekend blooms like flowers in the spring; and if there are flowers blooming, then so much the better!

Plans for the weekend are made, friends are called, meals and gatherings anticipated.

And when the boss calls on Friday afternoon, no one faults you for not answering.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The thing about the ring...

My ring is beautiful. And like our relationship and the two people involved in it, my ring is unique. One of a kind. So, in answer to curious questions, yes it is all those colors. It is a color changing sapphire. In daylight and uv, it is green. In incandescent light, it is a deep purpley-red. My sweetie knows me so well. :)


Now I can cry for other reasons!