Friday, November 19, 2010

We all have our favorites...

We all have them. Favorites. TV shows, books, recipes, yarn, needles, magazines, fiber, family members... Good, bad or not, we all have favorites. Admit it. We rank things in our minds. I would much rather spend 2 weeks with my sister going shopping than 10 minutes in polite conversation with my uncle. Both choices would come after major dental work. But I love going to haunted houses and little adventures with my sister. Just not shopping. Favorite past times.

I also have favorites else where in my life. My favorite standard wool yarn? Paton's Classic Merino Wool and Plymouth Galloway. I love my Harmony Wood DPNs. My favorite hat pattern is a basic 2x2 rib that fits everybody and is quick as all get-out to knit. And I have my favorite circular "hat" needle.

It was inexpensive. It's plastic. Not even some nice funky plastic. Just plastic. Size 6 and 16 inches. The needles portions have been bent to accommodate my knitting of hats at just the right spot. It's perfect. It works for any hat. Really.

So, here I am in fall, needing to make a bunch of hats, and I can't find my favorite needle. My favorite circ. Now, I have 2 interchangeable sets of circular needles, that I could use. But it isn't the same. Not at all. I could easily use one or the other to make a size 6, 16" circ. But..

After searching and coming up empty (but destroying my house in the mean time) I went to the store where I bought my hat needle originally to get another one. I would just have to break it in. And if I found my needle, I would have 2!! Happy days!! Now, the store has new owners, but much has remained the same. Needle selections, though, have not.

I cried as I left the store. No one would get hats this year. I wouldn't be able to make new warm head wear to match my latest sweater. As I drove home in a sullen funk trying to think of replacement knitting, I had given up hope. I got home and went to the project bags I had created of yarn an pattern. I pulled out one thinking that instead of a hat, I would use the yarn to make a headband or a shawllette.

And there was my needle, in the bag, with the yarn and the pattern of hat. Who the hell organized my crap?