Monday, January 26, 2009


So, I'm being a good little girl and doing my taxes now instead of putting it off. I qualify for filing free online. Yippie! But alas, nothing ever goes off without a hitch, right?

I needed some information from last year's return, so I went digging in what passes for an office in my home. No luck. Now, this is an aberration. I am, if anything, overly meticulous about saving important forms and filing them away. But for some reason, I can't find last year's return. Ok, there is a number at the IRS that you can call.

I called last week and the guy told me the information was $xx,VVV. I continued to fill out my info and electronically sent my file to the IRS. It was rejected because the number the guy gave me was incorrect. So today, I call back.

I am told that the wait time is 10-15 minutes. I figure for the IRS at this time of the year, that's got to be pretty good, so I wait. I put on my hands free so I can do other things while I wait. I dye a cashmere sweater lilac to cover an oil stain-30 minutes. I finish one more pattern block on a Valentine's day sock for self-25 minutes. I feed the cat. I wash said sweater by hand. I do the dishes. I spin enough yarn to make two more pairs of socks. I'm beginning to wonder if it would be tempting fate to take the phone with me into the shower, because I won't have time to dry my hair in the morning.... A nice woman finally comes online. She politely gives me her name and id number then asks if I'm on a cell phone. Yes, I don't have a land line. CLICK.

Uh... Okay, breathe, stretch, small patience prayer. Call back. I am now way ahead on the sock game. Get a nice gentleman who patiently continues to say "hello" while I try to figure out how to get my phone off mute (not sure how it got on in the first place, I'll have to look that up). No mention of my cell phone. Yes! Okay, need some info from last year. "Where did you work?" "XWZ & Company" Could they be under another name? Not that I know of. I need this info to verify your identity, please check. " Don't hang up" rummage through file drawer "don't hang up, please" dig through computer bags "please god sir, if you have a heart, don't hang up!" Ah HA! Found a check stub. And it says "XWZ & Company" Address? blah blah. "Well, the address is right right. Your AIG was $V,xxx." You sure? "yep, V-x-x-x." Thank you wonderful man.

I return to the online site to fix the information.

"I'm sorry, we are experienceing technical problems. Please check back in at least 60 minutes."

Good night.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Frustration is wanting to do multiple things at once that each exclude you from being able to do any of the others at the same time.

Wet nails and knitting don't mix.

Wet nails and spinning REALLY don't mix.

Spinning and reading don't mix.

Reading and candle making don't mix.

Cats and any of the above don't mix. (Especially with the hot wax on the stove while nails are wet)

Saturday Snows, Spinning, Trance States

It just started snowing here, a bit unexpected. So I can officially stay in all day. Now the question is what to do. There are three things that I would like to do today. One is make candles, two is finish a book and paint my nails, three is fiber related, either spin or knit.

So here's what I'll do. Candles first because they mess everything up. Then clean up from that and do my nails, finish the book. Follow that up with spinning.

Yes, spinning. I am spinning fiber into yarn. And I've finally figured it out! My yarn is a little rough at the moment, but it will just take practice at this point. I had the "Ah, HA!" moment. You know, the moment when whatever you've been attempting and keep hitting a block finally clicks and you get it.

My moment came this morning while blow-drying my hair. I discovered that I had been spinnig fiber for years and hadn't realized it. How is that possible you ask? Let me explain. I have wavy/curly hair and all the frustration that comes with it. the fashions and styles are sleek and smooth. Straight hair swept up or back to accentuate cheek bones. After all, the magazines tell me that this is what great hair looks like, right? So for the past 5-8 years, I have been using a technique called blow-outs. You use a round bristled brush, blow dryer, and a twisting motion to blow straight your hair. Now, adjust the brush to a drop spindle, prettend my hair is wool and guess what you get? the same twirly motion that creates yarn. Spin and twist using your fingers to hold the twist and release it while pulling the hair, opps, wool out for the spindle to twist.

Okay, bad explanation, but the point is I get it! I came out of my repetitive motion trance with the hair dryer, rushed down stairs and grabbed my drop spindle. Yup, same motions I use on my hair to get it straight work on taking puffs of wool and making it into a yarn. So, with half wet hair falling in my face (yes, some accidentally got spun into yarn with the wool) I have had an epifanny for the day.

Pictures to follow....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Socks have it!

I am taking a short break from my continous sock knitting to write a few lines. I have now completed 2 pairs of socks and have a third pair well under way. I have also picked up a fictional dime store novel on knttting which has sucked me in.

Now the issue, I can't seem to read and knit at the same time. I use a cookbook stand that my fater made me to hold the book, bt I get so engrossed in one or the other that I loose my spot/stitch count.

I've also taken to doing both these in bed, because of lack of heat, the down blanket seems to be the best place to hang out in my home. So now I am waking up with needles in my hair and yarn balls covered in droll. I' ll get it all worked out eventually. I just need more hands.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

You ever see a cat have a sneezing fit?

Sorry my cute kitty, but you are absolutely hystarical when you start sneezing uncontrolably. My poor precious little fur-butt has a cold. And aside from my being a wreck and wondering if I can give ecenacia or baby aspirin to a cat, she really is funny sick. And absolutely pathetic.

I had breakfast this morning with a very tall Brit. It went well, and he didn't mind me dragging him to a yarn store (or two). And his eyes didn't quite glaze over when I waxed poetic about wool and real Aran yarn from Ireland. He's got connections there and might be able to smuggle some of the real stuff out for me.

Let's hope there are many more dates to be had. Besides, as crude as this will sound, I feel so petite with him. I love it.

Well, I have to go because I'm getting mewls from my baby and she's trying to climb into my arms and on my shoulder to be held. Must take care of the little one.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Work Rant (I had to get this out)

Okay, now we are at 2 pay periods that we haven't been paid. My loyalty is seriously wavering. Today was a day that you threw your hands up and laughed hysterically with tears streaming out of your eyes.

No heat. Have heating oil, but the furnace isn't working. I even took my own life in hand by pushing the red "reset" button, having no idea what would happen. As it turns out, nothing happened. So, no heat. Ever try to type in gloves?

Special landscaper software had "catastrophic error." That is literally what the error message read. I'm going to go on a limb and say that is not a good thing. So billing has not been done. I managed to flex my genius and got around it (sort of) to at least give all of our lovely little clients bills. Hopefully before too many more cancel.

As I was taking part of the mailbox out to repair it and re-attach it; hammer, pliers and quick ties in hand, I notice that we have a burst water pipe. Spraying water all over the place. Eek! I'm new to this kind of stuff, better get the boss. Here is the kicker: We are a landscape company that has just spent a few weeks turning all of our clients' irrigation systems off and "blowing-out" the pipes so they don't burst causing major issues. Guess what happened to the pipe? Yup! So, no water. (good thing I had just gone to the potty before walking out to fix the mailbox)

No heat, no water, no working computer system, no water.

So I've come home, where the oven isn't working, the heaters are flickering the lights and aren't giving off heat, ( I am completely numb at this point), the cat has a cold, and the worst of all things have happened: