Friday, January 2, 2009

Work Rant (I had to get this out)

Okay, now we are at 2 pay periods that we haven't been paid. My loyalty is seriously wavering. Today was a day that you threw your hands up and laughed hysterically with tears streaming out of your eyes.

No heat. Have heating oil, but the furnace isn't working. I even took my own life in hand by pushing the red "reset" button, having no idea what would happen. As it turns out, nothing happened. So, no heat. Ever try to type in gloves?

Special landscaper software had "catastrophic error." That is literally what the error message read. I'm going to go on a limb and say that is not a good thing. So billing has not been done. I managed to flex my genius and got around it (sort of) to at least give all of our lovely little clients bills. Hopefully before too many more cancel.

As I was taking part of the mailbox out to repair it and re-attach it; hammer, pliers and quick ties in hand, I notice that we have a burst water pipe. Spraying water all over the place. Eek! I'm new to this kind of stuff, better get the boss. Here is the kicker: We are a landscape company that has just spent a few weeks turning all of our clients' irrigation systems off and "blowing-out" the pipes so they don't burst causing major issues. Guess what happened to the pipe? Yup! So, no water. (good thing I had just gone to the potty before walking out to fix the mailbox)

No heat, no water, no working computer system, no water.

So I've come home, where the oven isn't working, the heaters are flickering the lights and aren't giving off heat, ( I am completely numb at this point), the cat has a cold, and the worst of all things have happened:


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