Saturday, January 3, 2009

You ever see a cat have a sneezing fit?

Sorry my cute kitty, but you are absolutely hystarical when you start sneezing uncontrolably. My poor precious little fur-butt has a cold. And aside from my being a wreck and wondering if I can give ecenacia or baby aspirin to a cat, she really is funny sick. And absolutely pathetic.

I had breakfast this morning with a very tall Brit. It went well, and he didn't mind me dragging him to a yarn store (or two). And his eyes didn't quite glaze over when I waxed poetic about wool and real Aran yarn from Ireland. He's got connections there and might be able to smuggle some of the real stuff out for me.

Let's hope there are many more dates to be had. Besides, as crude as this will sound, I feel so petite with him. I love it.

Well, I have to go because I'm getting mewls from my baby and she's trying to climb into my arms and on my shoulder to be held. Must take care of the little one.

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  1. Glad things are going well with the "tall Brit"... Congrats to Meghan on baby Aubreigh too!. I painted this weekend... accent walls in the hallway and family room - the color is "Green Tea Leaves". Turned out great! Finally! Color in my house! :)
    Also - wore my fingerless Llama gloves golfing (well, to keep my hands warm between swings) and now everyone wants a pair!! Also showed them at the Euchre game Friday night and everyone was so impressed! You are a knit wizard! I hope Annie is feeling better! Love you! p:)