Monday, January 26, 2009


So, I'm being a good little girl and doing my taxes now instead of putting it off. I qualify for filing free online. Yippie! But alas, nothing ever goes off without a hitch, right?

I needed some information from last year's return, so I went digging in what passes for an office in my home. No luck. Now, this is an aberration. I am, if anything, overly meticulous about saving important forms and filing them away. But for some reason, I can't find last year's return. Ok, there is a number at the IRS that you can call.

I called last week and the guy told me the information was $xx,VVV. I continued to fill out my info and electronically sent my file to the IRS. It was rejected because the number the guy gave me was incorrect. So today, I call back.

I am told that the wait time is 10-15 minutes. I figure for the IRS at this time of the year, that's got to be pretty good, so I wait. I put on my hands free so I can do other things while I wait. I dye a cashmere sweater lilac to cover an oil stain-30 minutes. I finish one more pattern block on a Valentine's day sock for self-25 minutes. I feed the cat. I wash said sweater by hand. I do the dishes. I spin enough yarn to make two more pairs of socks. I'm beginning to wonder if it would be tempting fate to take the phone with me into the shower, because I won't have time to dry my hair in the morning.... A nice woman finally comes online. She politely gives me her name and id number then asks if I'm on a cell phone. Yes, I don't have a land line. CLICK.

Uh... Okay, breathe, stretch, small patience prayer. Call back. I am now way ahead on the sock game. Get a nice gentleman who patiently continues to say "hello" while I try to figure out how to get my phone off mute (not sure how it got on in the first place, I'll have to look that up). No mention of my cell phone. Yes! Okay, need some info from last year. "Where did you work?" "XWZ & Company" Could they be under another name? Not that I know of. I need this info to verify your identity, please check. " Don't hang up" rummage through file drawer "don't hang up, please" dig through computer bags "please god sir, if you have a heart, don't hang up!" Ah HA! Found a check stub. And it says "XWZ & Company" Address? blah blah. "Well, the address is right right. Your AIG was $V,xxx." You sure? "yep, V-x-x-x." Thank you wonderful man.

I return to the online site to fix the information.

"I'm sorry, we are experienceing technical problems. Please check back in at least 60 minutes."

Good night.

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  1. You major brownie points...I hate taxes and will be putting them off for jus a lil while longer...