Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life in the Wilds of Frederick County, VA

That Spot in the distance is a Hot air balloon. It looks so far away in the photo, But I assure you in person it was much closer. Enough for me to wonder if the pilot saw the trees at all.

But in the evening, one of the greatest show in the area can be seen from my deck. In my back yard and the woods. Bats doing their nightly aerobatics show, fireflies flashing all around, deer cruising by, squirrels, rabbits, cats, turtles and ground hogs.

I have recently had 2 run ins with the wildlife in my backyard. The first I was out mowing the area that I am reclaiming for the forest and a sea of honey suckle vines (I've dumped enough commercial strength round up that the ground should be fallow.). So I was pushing the mower when what I thought was a rock flew out the back. When I realized it went far and was lighter, I went to check it out. Not a rock. I had just shot a turtle over 25 feet with the lawn mower.

The turtle was fine, I cried for 1/2 and hour. Then I started looking and discovered that there were a good few turtles out there. The pictures here are NOT the one I mowed. As I said, he was fine.

These were taken on a different day and this turtle was larger that the astroturtle.

My second incident involved Bob and Charlotte. Grounds hogs which pictures appear in a previous post. Bob charged me. I was standing on the top of the slope by the deck about to go to the shed. One was inside the den underneath. I stopped and we were just looking at each other. After all, I didn't want to scare it off. Then I here this crash from the undergrowth below the second terrace. And there he is. Charging out of the forest and up the slope. Where I thought he would stop. He didn't. He passed the shed running at top ground hog speed heading right for me. It became clear that at that moment, he was not afraid of me one bit. I ran into the house.

I attempted another foray to the shed to get the electrical cord I needed, and was again thwarted. So with out the cord for that night's project, I had to settle with knitting. (shucks! ;)_ )

But some how this week, never coming in to contact with anything, as I completely ignored yard work, I now have poison ivy/sumac. Yup. First time. I am trying really hard not to scratch and am using the stuff the doc gave me and taking Benadryl. But really, I think I might have to were those little mittens that they put on babies to keep them from scratching, because I really want to itch it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Power Bill

I just got the electric bill from the new power company. Went from $223 to $85. Just because they actually READ the meter every 2 months. Much better.

Round 2

I am currently going through what I am referring to as Round 2 of home improvement. And while I haven't given up, I was hit with an obstacle that I hadn't foreseen. While it is hardly insurmountable, requiring only more work on my part and rethinking the way I was going to do things, I can't seen to quit moaning about it.

I've been whiny, self-centered and pouty. Actually, this week, I seem to have morphed into "Moaning Myrtle." I have been bemoaning everything. I seem to have forgotten some crucial life lessons regarding humility lately.

Well, as my wise friend says, "time to pull up your big girl panties...." Get the work done. So it takes a little longer, I'm not on a time schedule. Count my blessings. Remember to appreciate my blessings, after all, I have a lot. Not the least is a great family, a hot guy, and wonderful friends.

Tomorrow, I plan on counting my blessings with every step and giving thanks. Now, I will stop moaning about moaning.

Monday, June 14, 2010


We all launch protests from time to time. Sometimes directly and some times in a passive aggressive manner. Normally, I will take a protest for what it is. Some times it is merely a vent to let off steam. Other times it is for a cause one feels deeply and profound about. I understand this and respect another's right to protest whatever they feel like. After all, that is their right, it is my right to completely ignore it.

Unless their protest involves destruction of property not owned by them. Property that is mine. Property that is intended to be a gift. Something I have been pouring my heart into for luck and well being for the recipient.

Now, I should tell you that I am the only female in the company. So when things get to a certain point, I break and do strange things like clean the floors, dust and vacuum. The boys would gladly let the dirt pile up to their knees before thinking about shoveling out. Today was one of those days. I took out the trash, cleaned and picked up. And then I vacuumed.


The ultimate sin. There I was, at the end of the day. The foreman bee came in, and I turned off the vacuum to discuss the day's work. Then it happened. Work Cat launched a protest. It was so clearly aimed at my vacuuming. While sitting on my desk. She stares up at both of us making sure to catch our attention. We cease speaking noting a glint in her eye of pure malice. She very pointedly looks at the vacuum (now quite), looks back up at the 2 of us, staring back with some weird fascination and sensing impending doom. And then she did it.

She VERY deliberately pushed a full 22oz cup of coffee off my desk upside down into my bag, where a project that I am working on for a friend's baby shower (this weekend) is laying innocently. Not to mention EVERYTHING else in my purse/bag. She gave one last snort of disapproval at the vacuum, eyed us again, and then had the NERVE to climb into the Kitty Pi bed I made her.

We stood there, mouths agape. I looked at the other person and told him what that was in the bag. He remembered his son had a school thing and beat the hastiest retreat I've seen in a while. And all I can do was stare at the destruction from her protest.

The damage was done. Coffee was pouring out of my bag as I rushed it to the sink in the other room, a trail of coffee on the floor behind me. There would be no more vacuuming that day. The protest was clearly heard. So I will not vacuum unless Work Cat is outside. Even if it means I'm dumping her butt out there in 2 feet of snow!

Friday, June 11, 2010

First Sock Syndrom

I know that most knitters are aware of the dreaded "second sock syndrome." This is when You finally finish the first sock and you simply dreading having to start all over with the second start. It usually has side effects such as stashing the first sock until you feel refreshed enough about the pattern to knit the second sock. This usually results in finding the first sock, months later behind the couch, in the freezer, or on top of a blade on the ceiling fan.

Well, this syndrome is different. I finished my first sock, which was really torture, only to discover when I but it on, it fit beautifully and it feels like buttah. I mean, my foot sighed and my toes tingled at pleasure of being encased in this bamboo and cotton blend sock. Perfect. A perfect sock on every level!

So here is where I freak. There is NO WAY I can make the second sock as perfect as the first! I should never have tried it on before the pair was done. Which has become a new rule. If they don't fit when done, they will fit some one.

In the mean time, I have one perfect sock.