Thursday, June 17, 2010

Round 2

I am currently going through what I am referring to as Round 2 of home improvement. And while I haven't given up, I was hit with an obstacle that I hadn't foreseen. While it is hardly insurmountable, requiring only more work on my part and rethinking the way I was going to do things, I can't seen to quit moaning about it.

I've been whiny, self-centered and pouty. Actually, this week, I seem to have morphed into "Moaning Myrtle." I have been bemoaning everything. I seem to have forgotten some crucial life lessons regarding humility lately.

Well, as my wise friend says, "time to pull up your big girl panties...." Get the work done. So it takes a little longer, I'm not on a time schedule. Count my blessings. Remember to appreciate my blessings, after all, I have a lot. Not the least is a great family, a hot guy, and wonderful friends.

Tomorrow, I plan on counting my blessings with every step and giving thanks. Now, I will stop moaning about moaning.

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