Friday, June 11, 2010

First Sock Syndrom

I know that most knitters are aware of the dreaded "second sock syndrome." This is when You finally finish the first sock and you simply dreading having to start all over with the second start. It usually has side effects such as stashing the first sock until you feel refreshed enough about the pattern to knit the second sock. This usually results in finding the first sock, months later behind the couch, in the freezer, or on top of a blade on the ceiling fan.

Well, this syndrome is different. I finished my first sock, which was really torture, only to discover when I but it on, it fit beautifully and it feels like buttah. I mean, my foot sighed and my toes tingled at pleasure of being encased in this bamboo and cotton blend sock. Perfect. A perfect sock on every level!

So here is where I freak. There is NO WAY I can make the second sock as perfect as the first! I should never have tried it on before the pair was done. Which has become a new rule. If they don't fit when done, they will fit some one.

In the mean time, I have one perfect sock.

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