Thursday, December 23, 2010


As you can see from the photo posted, I could not be so close to the Lion Brand Flagship store and not stop in! The farthest tip of Long Island is much closer than Virginia after all. And I did buy some yarns that are only carried in the store or online. But I really needed to "pet" the yarn to truly see if it was what I wanted.

Okay, so I had already completely made up my mind. What I did discover was some yarn that would be perfect for this throw blanket that I've been wanting to make, Umaro by Brooklyn Tweed. That I will order once I have a few more projects cleared off my plate. After all, the KAL sweater is coming up and I should really be focusing on that for now. (yeah, right!)

Somehow, I will manage to to at least partially clear my plate. One project was in the queue for 2 years and then in the projects hibernating for 6 months I hadn't even really cast it on, I just wound the yarn into cakes (balls, or what ever else you want to call it). But cast-on I finally did. And I will need to get one more skein of the yarn to complete it. One very expensive, special order hank of yarn. But it will be beautiful when done. Oh yeah, it looks like the colorway is discontinued.

Now, the boyfriend accompanied me on this trip to NYC. And I want this clearly stated on the record. I was finished and purchased and ready to move on to the next wonder BEFORE he was ready to leave the yarn store!

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  1. Now, that's what I call a keeper. Its nice when your man enjoys a yarn store as much as you do!

    Happy Christmas!