Monday, December 6, 2010

Tonight's News

The headlines for the news tonight in my small town:

County board gets sung to by local schools.

Workers have fixed the Berryville stoplight

Bed, Bath & beyond to Open

Not kidding, these are the headlines. While not as titillating as national headlines, they aren't nearly as depressing either. In fact, I would much rather have these than ones of murder and mayhem. But if you want a little action:

Flyaway blow-up snowman bounces off my windshield causing no damage to either car, driver, or Mr Frosty.

Cat discovers that front claws are needed to really climb a Christmas tree. Fortunately, she almost landed on all four paws.

Knitter sits on afghan concealing DPNs. While the knitter's rear padding prevented injury, all concerned were most great full that the favorite sock needles survived the attack intact

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