Saturday, December 6, 2008

Working on the weekend

Here I am today, working from home on a Saturday. I have 60 trillion things to do. I've got to get ready for my parents visit, finish processing some bio-diesel I started last night, get ready for a brunch and soap making get together I'm hosting tomorrow, laundry, knitting for Christmas, and trying to find my diamond earring I lost on Black Friday.

The thing that gets me, is that there are huge, big important projects that I need to get done for work before the new year. You know, make sure all the renewals are correct and everyone gets billed correctly in January. End of the year payroll and financials, etc.. But what does my boss what me to do today? Enter in a bunch of credit card charges from the beginning of the year. Not to make the ledger correct, but so he can see what has been charged all year by his employees. Is this really important right now for the health of the company? We laid off all but the managers on Friday, we can't pay our bills and our only hope of riding this out is large quantities of snow and convincing our clients that we can take care of them if they give us a chance. Who spent $6.11 at a 7-11 in January of 2008 just doesn't seem to be important.

Sorry, it just isn't.

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