Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I have guests coming to visit and I am in a complete panic. Will they care if I haven't scrubbed the baseboards recently? Not really. They are here to see me and my lovely, newly engaged sister. Here I am running around the house frantic. This morning at 4:30 am I bleached out my trash can. Are they going to even notice? No. And really I hope not.

My Christmas knitting isn't near done, but there has been a development in the sweater for my sister. I've FINALLY figured out the pattern correction for the damn sleeves. It took calling in a Cal Berkeley Mathmatician, an honest to god Artist, a Seamstress, every engineer I know outside of family, and my own creative blend of proportion theory and astronomical calculations. (literally of the stars) And now, I can almost see the end in sight for this albatross. Soon it will be done. But I've been trying to get it finished for this weekend, so I've been knitting up a storm, frantic.

So, two days to go and here is the conclusion I've come to. I need to read a book. I need to paint my nails. I need to cast on a project that won't be due until next fall. I need to do yoga with Annie. I need to take a walk, hang out with the girls, go swimming, relax at knit night and enjoy an over-priced coffee.

My house will not look like a museum or a clean room for creating vaccines. It will be cozy and warm. Where you want to snuggle up on the couch and watch the fire. Sit on a barstool at the kitchen counter sipping coffee and chatting away. You will be over come, upon entering my house, to take off your shoes and run around in your socks. You will snooze gazing out the window, have homemade jam on warm toast, Put a few more ornaments on the Christmas tree, and stick you finger into and taste whatever is cooking on the stove.

You will feel at ease and not even notice that I haven't vacummed under the couch in a month.

And no one entering my house will be Frantic.

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