Friday, November 28, 2008

What was I thinking?!

So I awoke early this morning. A morning I have off and get to sleep in. A morning where my cat insists that 5am is a good time to get attention. After a struggle to hide under the covers from the puffer, I climbed out of bed, because there was really no use pretending I was going to get sleep. Besides, I have holiday knitting to do.

As I sat with my coffee, a bizarre urge took hold of me. Even after my last post on shopping this time of year, I decided I would do what I have never done before: I went shopping at the crack of dawn on Black Friday.

I got the car parked. I even managed to get into the store. And that is where I fade out. Head spinning and hyper-ventilating, I was not made for this. One nice woman asked me if I was okay and needed some help. If I could just step out of line in front of her, she would call someone over to help. I vaguely recall making it to my car where I could finally start to breathe again. I seem to recall my mother used to have this reaction shopping. I wonder if it's inherited. I made it home with out buying a thing. Later in the day I ventured out once again and visited the one sanctuary that I knew no ill effects would grasp me: the local yarn shop (LYS) "Never Enough Yarn."

I bought wool strictly to be added to my stash. Simply because I realized that I don't have a stash I can shop. Everything in it was ear marked for a specific project. Whether the project ever actually gets done is another story. I also picked up some lace-weight cashmere to make a bridal shawl for my sister.

This then shows you exactly how big of a toll the morning's foray cost me and my mind. Am I FREAKING NUTS??!! A lace shawl out of cashmere? I have truly set myself up for a masochistic endeavor. IF I actually finish this thing (hopefully outside of a mental ward) I doubt my lovely sister will even realize the difficulty of the project, or the cost I plunked down today for the cashmere yarn itself. This thing better be a protected heirloom or I'll use it to strangle her.

After all, cashmere is a fairly strong fiber.

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