Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chemical Reactions

I had a date yesterday with a gentleman (emphasis gentle) that was recommended by the matchmaker. It was the second date. They did say that the one thing they can't account for is chemistry. They are entirely correct in this statement. I seriously need to give them a call.

He was very nice. BS about the height that he posted on his profile. WHY??!! Why can't guys figure out that at 5'8" I will be able to tell if you are lying about being 6'? If I am wearing flats and looking you in the eye, the game is up! Really! I can not begin to tell you how annoying this is. I do NOT want a guy that I can throw over my shoulder and carry off. And if we want to get primitive and Anthropological about it, the male protector should be able to protect the female and the young. Not the female being the straight alpha-dominate that would have to make all the decisions, protect the young and male mate. Also, is it too much to ask for someone who has a drop of self-confidence?

Really, after two long, 4-hour dates, the guy should be relaxed enough that he isn't continually shaking and nervous. I really don't think that I am that great a beauty and presence that the guy is as nervous than if he was out with the queen of England. I went extremely far out of my way to get him to feel comfortable and relax. No Dice. I could hear him telling himself confidence boosters in the mirror in the bath room. (thin walls) There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, or this type of personality. However, why on god's green earth would someone think that this personality and mine would be a good idea matched up is beyond me. I swear I thought I was going to make him faint by smiling at him.

I allowed time for some bit of a spark. Some phermonal reaction. Something other than the look of almost terror and pain on his face. If it was so bad for him, WHY DOES HE KEEP ASKING ME OUT?? I believe I am going to have to pass on any future attempts from him to be my slave and under my control.

I decided to spend the rest of my weekend dealing with chemical reactions I have complete control over: Making bio-diesel in mason jars.

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