Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Holidays are here!

Ah, joy! The holidays are upon us, as seen by Christmas trees everywhere and carols playing in every store. I like this time of year. I love the music, the general anticipation that even cynical old crankers seem to feel. There is one thing I'm not so thrilled about: the crowds.

Oh, I don't mind them, so long as I'm not in it. Really. I am now convinced that online shopping was created specifically for me to participate in Christmas with out having a psychotic break brought on by the stress and anxiety of crowds. Plus, there are so many more choices!

I just returned from the mall. I thought I would still be safe since Thanksgiving hasn't yet arrived. I was sadly mistaken. While there to have my Sadie get new shoes put on, I had to kill an hour. In the mall. I barely escaped with out going stark raving mad. Um, more so than normal anyway.

I will shortly be on a different website, ordering every gift I need for the holidays. I will not be setting foot into a physical store with out a support group with me until spring.

PS- I also discovered where those, um, really festive sweaters and vests come from. To be honest, I have never actually seen one in a store before.

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