Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Save on Fridge Space

So, we have gotten what is a bit of a cold snap which included snow! What a wonderful new experience. While I lived in this area last year, I rarely went out doors and missed the chance to experience "side-effects" of the season.

1. Ice and heels don't mix
2. Ice and driving don't mix
3. Having to climb through the rear hatch windows to kick the frozen-shut doors open from the inside. Note: make sure the rear of your SUV does not contain your science projects.
4. Entertaining neighbors while you have to keep re-scraping the snow off your car because you didn't think to start at the top and go down.
5. Being able to store perishable food items on you counter.

I've been trying not to turn on my electric baseboard heaters to save money, because I'd rather spend it on yarn, clothes and coffee. I have been fairly successful in this endeavor by wearing sweaters around the house and snuggling under blankets while watching tv, having down comforter on the bed, and not being home and awake enough to get really chilled to the bone.
Bravo! You say. Great way to environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. Right? Here's another way, don't use your fridge. I reached my hand in this morning to get the 1/2 & 1/2 (fat free-I don't want to know how that's done) and discovered that the air temp inside the fridge was noticeably WARMER than the ambient air of the kitchen!

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