Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Stewart interview on Fox

I was reading an article about the interview and some of the comments posted in reply. One exchange caught my eye:

Poster 1:

4 hours ago (5:51 AM)
Nothing Stewart says convinces me that he is anything but a left wing political agenda zealot using comedy as his forum> I use the word comedy lightly because he does not seem funny to me. George Carlin was funny..thi­s man is boring.

Response 1: 2 hours ago (7:37 AM)
"Nothing Stewart says convinces me"

I'm sure your not an authority, so why would we care about your opinion?

Response 2:
31 minutes ago (9:03 AM)

Carlin was waaaay more left than Jon Stewart could ever be. I am surprised you like him.

I marveled at the fact that the original poster who is ranting right-wing, Fox is the prophet, doesn't realize that during Carlin's day, he was considered very radical. He challenged the media constantly. Most notably in his famous performance or the 7 words you can't say on TV. "Right" click the following links:

7 Words

And other words

But he is religious which is right-wing, right?

Nope, he is definitely not a "liberal". I am so glad that this person knows the difference between news and comedy, left and right wings, Stewart and Carlin. The genius of our times. BTW, the original poster's handle? NuclearWar.

Somethings are just too scary to contemplate.

I forgot to mention NuclearWar's previous rantings that the Tea Party and conservative is the way to go. So here is a little something for Palin:War

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