Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can't. resist. casting. on. new. project....

Okay, I've made some progress on the wedding favors front, but I still have very many of those little flowers that need making. The thing is, I really want to cast on a new project!

There are some that I have in the works that I want to, or need to, wait to start. Such as my future hubby's sweater. The blanket for the new house. I really should be focusing on the flowers. Wedding stuff. Yes, I have a sock on the needles, but we all know that socks don't count as a WIP.

So I really want to cast on a different project. A small one that I won't mind if it doesn't get finished for years.

So I decided to make a bikini top. Since it may never actually see the light of day once finished anyway, who cares if it gets done, right? But I will at least have a break from the flowers when I want to kick them under the couch. :)

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