Friday, June 3, 2011

Ich liebe wollegarn

Here I am in Munich, Germany for a much needed mini-break with my future hubby. Unfortunately, his flight was canceled due to severe weather, but my flight was already in the air. So there was no way to let me know. After flying for many hours and a stop in Zurich, I made it to the Munich airport in much anticipation of seeing my sweetie.

Not there. Maybe he was mistaken and his flight came in after mine. I'll wait for the next Paris flight. Nope. I'll page him. No answer. Okay. No freak out. I can handle this. Maybe he was flying in on Air France instead, they have a flight landing at the other terminal in 20 minutes. (run, run, run). Nope. Maybe he slipped past me while I was running to the other terminal, I'll page him again. No answer. Wait! There is another flight from Paris in the first terminal. (run, run, run). Nope. Fine, I'm just not leaving the airport until he gets here. I have my space on the ground between terminals where I will sit and wait. He will have to see me there.

Okay, still can't get the Wifi to work to see if I have an email either. My cell phone is crap. I knew I should have gotten a weekend European pass from Verizon, but I KNEW I would have been teased for it being unnecessary. Just as I was about to call his cell, the US Embassy, Amanda and Katrin, I heard an announcement. Not that I understood anything other than my name. I ran back to the nice people at the information desk who helped me earlier. "Me!! That's me! Where is he? Where is he waiting?" excited that he must have finally landed.

"One moment please." She said looking at me with compassion and pity. DEAR GOD, please let him be safe. She's writing down a number. "He isn't here, is he?" She hands me a piece of paper and says that I need to call that number, her voice full of calm sympathy. I ask where the nearest phones are that take credit cards (which, they didn't).

Right there is where I lost it. That is where I cracked. Managing to ask where the phones were was about all I could get out as the tears came with stark fear that there had been a major problem/terrorist/accident/kidnapping/etc.. Was this the number of the Embassy?

I try 5 times before I can get the call to go through. He answers. Now I want to cry even harder with relief. But I'm trying to hold it together. He tells me about his flight and that I should go to the hotel. Okay. Now I know what is happening I can handle it. My mind and body is now crashing. Coming down from the panic and adrenaline. And I haven't eaten since yesterday? Okay. OK. OK. I need to calm down and then get some food and sleep. I check in to the hotel. There is one thing I know that will make me feel better before I crash.

"Cabbie, Can you please take me to this yarn store? Danke!"

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  1. Oh, sweetie!!! I would have been a nervous wreck as well! I'm so glad that it all worked out, and that you found the yarn store!