Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Wait, why aren't you a basket case?"

Easy: Planning. I actually like to do it. I'm good at it. I've spent most of my adult life doing just that for companies. I plan, put out fires and meet the goal. I'm VERY good at it. That's how I earned those pesky job titles like "Director of Operations."

Planning I'm good at. The unexpected and unknown is what gets me. Seeing vague shapes in the ether looming is what gets me. Once an unexpected happens, I can deal with it. It's the waiting and unknown. I like to say that I prefer to be proactive, but the truth is I feel more in control of a situation when I can plan, coordinate and aim for the goal.

In the future, I know that event A will happen. But before event A can happen, items 1-45 need to be done or arranged. Parts of 1-45 can be done before even knowing when event A will take place. Good, I can work with that. And working on that takes my focus away from things I can't control. I can control somethings, I can plan. I can execute. With enough planning, I can make things happen that you would be amazed of. Things you wouldn't think possible.

I've done it before, so just watch me....

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  1. And if planning really is your thing, then the planning for Event A can really be quite fun and not stressful as some people tend to let it get. :)