Monday, January 24, 2011

I need to turn off this computer

Just for a little while. I've been neglecting things. While I managed to do much needed cleaning this weekend, the folded laundry still needs to be put away. I need to really get into my work out program. Or at least start be creating one. I've been spending way too much time staring at the internet looking up wedding stuff. I don't even have a date yet, but I can't seem to stop.

Gerber Daisies and Himalayan Poppies? Amaryllis and blue tinted roses? Saffron Apple Jelly or Mulled Apple Jelly? Cathedral or chapel train? Which intermezzo? Orange platforms or crystal slippers? The choices and decisions are endless. Fortunately, none of my family will say any of my ideas are crazy. (they don't want to put me over the edge)

And the issue with all of this soul/wedding searching to find my "Inner Bride" is that I need to knit. I need to catch up! I need to spin the rest of the yarn for my KAL Mothed sweater so I can start working on it again. I have one glove done and a sock, waiting for their pairs. I have the kimono from hell. While it looks simple in only feather and fan stitch, when you are mid way up the back and going 225 stitches across and still increasing, it is really hard not to accidentally kicked under the couch.

But I need to spin and I need to knit. And i need to get focused and stop day-dreaming of chiffon and satin. At least until after this weekend.


  1. I vote for Gerber Daisies! They are lovely flowers!