Sunday, January 31, 2010

Training and Pre-qualifiers

Ravelympics 2010. My first time participating. Oh the stress and pressure to perform.

My event is the "Fleece to Finished Object" in which I will spin the yarn, dye it and knit it into a completed item. In my case a hat, since its a simple pattern, doesn't use much yarn, and can be very forgiving. Which will then most likely be donated to Warm UP Winchester, supplying hats to the homeless during cold weather months.
The fleece can be in any shape, so I washed and prepped some Brumbaugh fleece. Carding the roving 3 times for good uniformed fluffiness. Afterward cleaning the drum carder. And then did not move it from it's spot on the floor because I am lazy and didn't know if I would card some more. So each day it appeared to start showing more wool in it.
Did I have gnomes or brownies helping out? Little house spirits carding fleece while I slept? What was happening here. And then I discovered. My long haired furry little princess has thought that the carder made a perfect brush to keep her fur in beauty salon style. In other words, my cat was carding herself.But, I have carded a bin of fleece. I need to get a new battery for my scale so I can figure out how much I have and need to do. But, I've got some done, and test spun it to see what it's like and am awaiting the official start time.
At least I have my Fleece prepped. Without extra cat hair.

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  1. I am going to say thank you in advance. I do appreciate any and all hats that you want to knit and send my way, especially one from such an amazing challenge!!

    It's my first year with the Ravelry Olympica as well, and while I hope to get a shawl finished, I'm going to work on some hats for WUW as well.