Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lef to knit alone

So I'm left to knit alone this weekend. Which is fine, I suppose. I was going to spend the weekend at Chris' house, but his work and the cats' difference in personality have made it a no go this weekend.

My cat is still totally stumpted to why the other cats didn't want to play or just get along. The other cats didn't like the intrusion in to their home. Or there are just pissy little cats. I mean, who could not like Annie? She's never had this issue with other animals. How where these other cats raised that dislike visitors so much? I have many questions regrding this.

My friends are currently up in Rhinebeck, knitters paradise, and I am here, freezing my bum off about to break my vow not to turn on the heaters until absolutely necessary. I've been told that 70 degrees is a far cry from cold enough to turn on the heat. I'm debating if I can live with out food for the winter and have the heat instead. I've already given up getting my hair done. What more can I give up?

Maybe I'll just get a second job to pay for the heat. Plus if I'm workingall the time, I'll stay out of trouble, right? Hm. I'll have to think on that.

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  1. but... if you get a second job when will you knit??