Monday, November 19, 2012

Time to start bloggin again

It is time to start blogging again.  Not that I have ever been really diligent about blogging.  Not that I've ever been really diligent about anything really.  But it is time to begin again.

Life is all about changes.  And changes are coming in swift waves and torrents.  I am still settling into married life, expecting our first child and in a couple weeks will be moving overseas to South Africa.  With all of that comes a gazillion things to get done before we fly out.  Like packing up the house that I JUST finished unpacking.  Knitting baby wear.  Buying baby gear (not that I know what I'm doing there).  Sorting what goes quick route, slow boat and what goes to storage.  The obscene amount of filing that has fallen by the wayside because of laziness.  Now, throw in there the holiday seasons and the in-laws coming. 

So wish me luck and hopefully I will keep posting.  In the mean time, here is a baby knit picture or two.

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