Monday, October 17, 2011


I am sitting in my house, the night before the movers come. Tomorrow they will be packing everything up to take to our new home.

I have taken some broken furniture to the dump. I have cleaned out under the sinks (trust me, that is scary). The litter box is empty and clean, the fridge is just empty. I admit that cleaning that is a little scarier than the litter-box. I have organized my yarn for the movers. And by that, I mean that I have sorted yarns into different areas to be boxed together by importance and when it is scheduled to be used for a project. ( I can lie to myself )

The house already looks empty. As I sit here and have my dinner of stale triscuits, coke and top ramen, I am pondering where everything will go in the new house.

And wondering if for the new house, I will actually get around to unpacking everything.

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  1. I think that moving is one of the most horrifying experiences out there. That was the one thing that kept us moving into our current house as long as well did, from the apartment.

    Good luck!!!!