Thursday, April 14, 2011


So there are so downfalls to working where I do. The boss is crazy. I'm a den mother to 13 grown-up-boys. The work load can get very heavy with the seasons. And there are some good things about my job.

There are often deer outside my window. Free plants needing a new home. Work Cat! Wearing jeans when ever I feel like it. And no one being in the office to bug me while I work. (Or play on the computer.)

And today, I took off my bra. I am at work, bra-less! It's a new bra that needs to be washed and banged against a rock before I wear it again. It itched, chafed, poked and all the other horrid things that they can do. And I had it. I couldn't sit anymore trying to ignore it. So, I took it off.

Work cat doesn't seem to care. And no one else knows.


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  1. Tee hee. I have nights where I wish that I could do that.