Thursday, July 29, 2010


No, this blog has nothing to do with my emotional state. It has to do with my house. My projects. And my chores. They are currently incomplete. Partially done. Just that one last thing and it will be finished. So close. Really, I've gotten it to this stage, I can take a break now. I need to wait until the weather cooperates a little more. I've been very busy with sister's and friend's weddings and parties and birthdays. Really, I've accomplished quite a bit. Yet...

They are all incomplete. Unfinished.

My house is a construction zone. I can't put the laundry away until I finish the attic stuff. You can't get into the guest bedroom because of the insulation for the attic. The living room has a ladder against the wall, and extension chord and various tools, not to mention a drill and marine battery on the entry table with all my drill bits. The upstairs bath has been striped, waiting for me to finish the tub, which is sealing it at this point. But I now need to wash the shower curtain and pray I get all the cat hair off or I'm going to have to go to WalMart and buy a new one (I checked, they still have the same design). There is makeup on my kitchen counter waiting to be put away and the fan cover from the master half bath. The cabinet for that bath is in the living room. The downstairs makes the upstairs seem pristine.

The craft room. Need I say more? Still has boxes waiting to be unpacked, each box is less than 1/4 full because the rest is already done. I aught to just upend them all in a small pile and breakdown the boxes so I can walk through the room. Lord knows How I will truly get that organized. The lab also needs to be re-organized. It has become the dumping ground for spare bits and parts. The paint can be taken to the shed to free up some room for the tools and such. The pile of CLEAN laundry waits down there until the attic is done so.....

I have been having nightmares of my mother's kitchen that was under construction for 15 years with no cabinet doors on and all the paint stripped off. Just waiting to be completed. I can't take it anymore. I've been making progress every week, but...

So I have given myself a deadline. My birthday. A little over a month. And it has already begun. Tonight spending a good hour and a half in the craft room. This weekend I intend to be on the caffeine binge from hell and may not actually sleep. I will get things done. I will ship those overdue packages. I will clean and organize and hang the cabinet. I will finish the tub. I will keep at it and continue until it is done. Each weekend, each night (knit nights excluded) until it is complete.

THEN, I can mess it up again.

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  1. Good luck! If you need any help during the week, let me know and I'll see if I can come over on a night off from work.