Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wool Sweaters

For those who don't know, yes, you can wash wool. The trick is to do it gently. Veerryyyy gently.

So, I've been starting a pile of sweaters to wash all at once. Sweaters are definitely one of those items that does not need to be washed every time it is worn, unlike underwear. One sweater had lipstick on it (yes, I smooched myself somehow), one had gotten damp from the rain and had a faint "funk" going on with it. So, on and so on. Two of the sweaters being my new favorites that my sister gave me for Christmas.

So, I prep the sink of water with Ivory Snow, and slowly start adding sweaters and waiting for them to sink. Because wool sweaters should be soaked and laid flat to dry. Meantime, I start up the washing machine for a load of dedicates. Slowly, sinking sweaters. Sigh. I get to the one sweater that my sister gave me that is my cool, soft fav and wonder if the wool has been blended with anything to give it the silky feel. So I check the label.

100% Acrylic.

Into the washing machine it went.

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