Thursday, December 31, 2009

As the year turns

Tonight begins a whole new decade. A new year that we can explore, expand and enjoy life. A shiny new beginning and a new year as yet untarnished with our human flaws. A year filled with hope. With understanding. With hopefully, a little more wisdom.

2009 rings out, and I can safely try to block out blunders from the past year. Ah, all those many horrid "first dates." I can officially try to expunge them from my memory. Along with other embarrassing moments. The recent hunt for the famous "Mrs. Smith's Cherry Pie" being one of them. Feeding my friends Crab Jello Salad being another.

I will try in the new year not to start a major project 2 days before guests arrive. Something for which I've become famous for. Guests? Sure! Let's destroy the house just to make that 11th hour cleaning all that more memorable. Because really, I need a little more challenge in my life. It is a new year to make a bunch of resolutions to try to keep. Me? One word: LAUNDRY.

But I did keep some Resolutions from last year, or made a valiant effort. I stopped waiting for prince charming to achieve my goals. I bought a house and survived. I told people how I felt regardless of embarrassment or possible familial backlash. I did it for my well being, so I know I was honest for myself as well as others. If tomorrow is my last day, at least I was honest and said so. I finished the scarf from last year (or 2) that was never going to be done. I cleaned out my cosmetic hoard. (gasp!)

So this year, I make all the usual resolutions. And promise to myself to keep striving for life, love and happiness. I will try to be a good person. I will attempt to actually follow a pattern's directions to the letter, without modifying the hell out it. I will keep my house reasonably organized and the dust bunnies to a minimum.

I can do this. After all, I have all year to clean the bunnies from under the bed. Right?

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  1. Oh, you made me smile.We all go through so many thoughts about life and maybe a better way of living it.
    I will simplify mine and I have already made one or two serious apointments with my self. Happy new year. Beate
    ps... about following a pattern to the letter: I tried, but always by the end found my self modifying..:-0