Monday, September 7, 2009

The Albatross

For 1 1/2 years I have been working on a cardigan for my sister. I started calling it my Albatross. Now, I bought the pattern and then got the yarn that the pattern called for. Not a normal behavior for me. I knitted a swatch or two and had to adjust needle size to get the gauge. Again, not normal behavior. I followed the directions. So out of character. But I would have a beautiful gift in the end, right?

My main issue has been decoding the pattern. Several people have assisted me in this endeavor over the past year and a half. People who are fr more experienced knitters than myself. Women who can whip out a sweater while sitting in a theater watching a movie. Women who know the proper way to read charts, patterns and knit like they took classes at a university for it. And they all came to the same conclusion:

This patterns sucks!

(stronger language was used in most cases)

I had bought the correct yarn, and found perfect pewter buttons the size that the pattern called for. (guess what, it needed larger buttons.)

But still, I continued on this torturous quest. The cardigan move from being a birthday present to a Christmas present. To being a Birthday present again. To now, no longer mattering because my sister has lost weight and now would be swimming in the thing should she try it on. But it will get finished because someone will wear this thing. Me or someone.

But finally, last night after a late night run to WalMart to get buttons, it is done. I washed it this morning and it is blocking as we speak and drying. It is not one hundred percent symmetrical, and the buttons pull at the border which it does in the picture, so that one is definitely not my fault. But it's done. I have my large project case back. I can tic a WIP off the list (there by allowing me to cast on 2 new projects).

It may never be worn, but it is done.

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